latest UPDATE 29.07.2020 The Government guidelines in Wales have now been updated to allow for viewings at occupied homes from today.

Market Appraisals / listing properties

In-person appointments can go ahead at occupied properties under the following conditions:
•The Landlord must answer the questions on our Covid Health Checklist provided in sub header list below.
•The Landlord must vacate the property for when we tour the house. This can include waiting in the garden.
•Our agent will wear a mask at all times.
•Our agent will use hand sanitiser before and after the appointment. Gloves are not required.
•Landlords must be asked to keep all internal doors open to ensure that we do not need to touch anything.
•Any post-tour conversation will be conducted outside the property at a distance of 2 meters or email /FaceTime / phone call afterwards.
•No printed material can be left at the property without specific consent from the Landlord.


Virtual Viewings/ photographs will be offered and should be the preferred option for anyone who is not considering moving imminently.

Please bear in mind that some of our Landlords/ Tenants of occupied properties at the end of their notice period may have chosen not to accept viewers at this time. We ask viewers to respect these wishes.

As of 29 June, Government guidance for England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland allows for physically distanced viewings that carefully adhere to public health guidance. It is vital that safety comes first, with the guidance reflecting that with several measures that need to be followed to conduct viewings safely:

Wales only: physical viewings should only take place if the property has been deep cleaned or unoccupied for at least 72 hours.

Before the viewing, your Agent will confirm with you in writing that you have appropriate protective equipment. If you do not confirm prior to the viewing, your estate agent may cancel the appointment.

This guidance is designed to protect everyone involved with property viewings. It is important that you work with your estate agent and use the appropriate PPE to ensure everyone’s safety.

In-person viewings can take place at all properties (England and Wales, occupied and unoccupied) under the following conditions:
•The viewer is seriously looking to move to the area within 8 weeks or less and genuinely interested in the property.
•The viewer has viewed all of the marketing information including all photographs, floorplans, room measurements, location marker and the entire video walkthrough – if there is one. This must happen before the in-person viewing is arranged.
•The viewer must have answered the questions on our COVID Checklist provided. This can be done over the phone.
•The Current Tenant / Landlord must vacate the property for the viewing. This can include waiting in the garden.
•Only two people from the same household can view. Sorry, but we are unable to include children on viewings.
•Viewing appointments must be restricted to 30 minutes.
•Our agent will wear masks at all times.
•All viewers must wear their own mask. There will be no exceptions to this. Sorry, but we are unable to provide masks.
•Viewers (and our agent) must use hand sanitiser before and after the viewing. Gloves are not required.
•Landlords / Tenants at occupied properties are asked to keep all internal doors open to ensure that the viewing is as touchless as possible.
•Any post-viewing conversation and follow-up questions should be had over the phone or email where possible.
•Printed paperwork/brochures will not be provided – only emailed.
.When conducting physical viewings, they should be done by appointment only and open houses are not permitted.
.Estate agents will look to restrict the number of people present at the viewing in order to follow social distancing guidelines.
.Once the viewing has finished, the homeowner should ensure surfaces such as door handles are cleaned.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation with keeping everybody safe as we do all we can to stop the spread of the virus.

Warm regards,

Tracy Wilcox
Kingsmark Properties