Universal Credit: Top tips for landlords

Benefit claims have changed to Universal Credit payments

Encourage the Tenant to seek advice and help immediately if they are struggling with the rent or bills. The likely hood is they will receive help.

As soon as you are aware of possibility of non payment of rent, encourage your Tenant to talk to Universal Credit so they do not get behind in their payments.
Ensure your tenant knows how much to apply for.
Claimants can apply for an advance Additional support for Housing if they are struggling.
Remind tenants they can apply for Housing Benefit in an advance from Universal Credit that they will automatically start of their claim that they can receive an extra two weeks’ can be used to help pay Housing Benefit support rent and bills?
Encourage tenants to set up direct debits
Get to know your Partnership
Encourage tenants to claim straight away
Build strong links with your Tenant so they inform you of change of circumstances, such as Partnership changes, losing their job.

More information for landlords can be found at understandinguniversalcredit.gov.uk/landlords.